Wednesday, 19 August 2009

They think it's all over

It is now. Getting on for one thousand ukulele players joined the extended Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain for last night’s prom, swelling the ranks of an ensemble that is normally eight-strong. Gentleman George Hinchcliffe and his merry gang put on a first-class show to a capacity audience. The sight of a thousand ukes being waved in the air way past 11pm has to be a first for the Royal Albert Hall.

And what about the Beethoven? Was the Ode to Joy a dog’s dinner? Strange to relate, it was mesmerising. Having so many people playing an essentially quiet instrument was altogether magical in the darkened hall. I don’t think George will be signing too many of us up just yet, but we all had a thoroughly good time.

And where was Proms boss and tyro ukulele player Roger Wright for this event? Search me. But wherever he was lurking to play the tune while his daughter strummed the chords, he should have been well chuffed at having provided the opportunity for so many people to have so much fun.

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