Thursday, 16 July 2009

Discount Beethoven

Apologies for absence, ukulele enthusiasts. Affairs of state, and all that. But I am now on retreat and am happy to report a fevered rehearsal with my purple-uke toting accomplice. It was slightly delayed by a sudden need to play the entire repertoire for violin and piano, which took a while, but when the ukes had their turn there were some interesting discoveries.

For starters, I have confirmed my suspicion that some of the chords needed for the Beethoven are physically impossible to play, since they involve lots of fingers, and in very odd places. I've decided therefore that I am a tune man. Hang the accompaniment. My accomplice, however, being blessed with more graceful digits, can play the impossible, and is clearly a chord woman. Annoyingly, she can play the tune too, which I consider very bad form and nothing but Showing Off.

What's worse, not content to play the tune, the accomplice has taken to playing a descant instead. I feel this a cheap trick, and will now refer to it as discount Beethoven. So there.

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