Thursday, 2 July 2009

Dressed for the part

All this concern about G strings has turned my mind to appropriate concert dress for joining a ukulele ensemble. Shades, obviously, as the uke has now been deemed cool. (Today's Metro reports that Rood End Primary School in Oldbury, West Midlands, has ditched its descant recorders and ordered 60 ukes because, says head teacher Barbara Carter, 'It's got more sreet cred'.)

Turning to YouTube for sartorial guidance I am impressed by a truly elegant ensemble across the Atlantic. Could this sort of thing catch on at the Proms?


  1. You might need a bigger ukulele if you're thinking of emulating this lot at the proms

  2. I've got 67 ukuleles (in six different colours) all over my house waiting for the Ukulele workshop I'm hosting at my ladies choir rehearsal (Babes and Ballads) on Monday evening. We have over 70 people attending - some with their own ukes - including 3 car loads of people travelling up from Beer in Devon, being part of my 'Seriously Occasional Singers' choir I've formed there. Yay to accessible fun music making. If I can I'll try to send a photo of this magnificent evening!